AJG REI LLC's mission is to acquire unique properties throughout the world enabling guests to stay for both short-term and long-term time frames at a reasonable price.

AJG REI LLC values are as follows:

    • Honesty: always be true to the facts and have supporting information.

    • Integrity: Conduct business in a consistent manner, so all guests will experience the same processes and procedures.

    • Accountability: Take responsibility for all actions produced under the company name.

    • Knowledge: Learn and obtain training related to each field the company is working in.

About the CEO/Founder

AJG REI LLC’s CEO/Founder is a Colorado Native and has experience in the following fields: information technology, legal, security, safety, investigations, residential restoration, and training since 2005.

Please review the CEO/Founders of AJG REI LLC's LinkedIn page or AJG REI LLC LinkedIn Page for more details.

The CEO/Founder is a double Alumni of Regis University with three degrees which are: Dual-Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics and Business Administration with an emphasis in International Business and a Master's of Science in Criminology. She is currently obtaining a Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology from Walden University.

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